Strategic Planning for Fire Departments & Local Governments

Serving  Cities Towns & Villages, Fire Districts, Fire  Rescue Companies, Firefighter Organizations

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What We Provide

We Review

  •  Response Times & Capabilities
  • Administrative Structures
  • Staffing
    • Training & Capabilities 
    • Volunteer Availability
    • Recruitment & Retention
  • Service Delivery Capabilities
  • Community Target Hazards
  • Automatic & Mutual Aid
  • Facilities
    • Do your facilities meet today's needs for your personnel and your response objectives?
  • Needs of your Emergency Responders
  • Time Demands on Volunteers

Our Services

 Confidential Online Surveys of:

  • Local Government Leadership, 
  • Fire Department Leaders
  • Fire Department Personnel, 
    • Career & Volunteers
  • The people in your Community

We assure Confidentiality for all survey respondents 

Chose to do a full comprehensive review of your fire rescue services or select any of our services separately  

We conduct Onsite Reviews of:

  • Facilities 
  • Apparatus
  • Policies & Procedures 
  • We observe and listen to your emergency responders & agency leaders

We Provide

  •  Comprehensive Reports
    • Detailed Observations
    • Detailed  Survey findings
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Specific Recommendations
  • Strategic Planning Team Building Guidance 
  • Strategic Planning Tools including Team & Specific Project tracking tools
  • Guidance to enable your agency to address the needs of today as you plan for tomorrow 

Fees Based Upon Your Budget

Our Fees will Accommodate YOUR NEEDS and YOUR BUDGET

We totally understand that every agency must work within its budget.

  • We provide you with a menu of services and the cost for each before you begin. 
  • You select only the services that you really need.
  • All our fees are designed to help you stay within your budget throughout your project 
  • If you require additional services, you will know the costs before you begin. 


Our Surveys are designed to help you gather VITAL input from the people being served and from those who serve.

  • Every Planning group must understand the people they serve and the people who serve before beginning its Strategic Planning Efforts.
  • If your project requires On Site assistance our On Site fees are realistically priced to accommodate your budget.
  • Our low overhead helps us keep your expenses within your budget.
  • Our Personal Service assures that we will understand the issues that need to be addressed.
  • Because Chief Graner Personally conducts each project we only accept a limited number of assignments.

You will not be just another client in a large group. You will be our primary focus. 

Build on todays Strengths as you Plan for the future

The driving force in all of our studies and each of our recommendations are two primary questions:

  •  What is in the Public’s best interest?” 
  • What is in the best Interests of the Safety of the Emergency Responders serving your community?

We serve

  •  Cities
  • Towns & Villages 
  • Fire Districts 
  • Fire  Rescue Companies
  • Firefighters & Their Organizations 
  • Non Profit Organizations

Strategic Planning For Fire Departments & Local Government

Our Experience

RON GRANER, Fire Chief (retired)

Management Philosophy

Strategic Planning is vital for every organization

For agencies that serve the public it is vital that the public be included in service delivery reviews and in the strategic planning efforts for the agency's serving their community.

Fire Chiefs, Elected Public Officials, Company Officers and the Rank and File members of all fire rescue services must all work together with the citizens and taxpayers of their community to jointly assure that their service delivery systems are Effective, Efficient & Safe.

Citizens and Taxpayers have the right to expect and demand that all of their public services are Operationally Efficient, Cost Effective, and that those services are Properly Managed & Safe for the Public & Safe for their  Emergency Responders.

Why Chose Us?

Chief Graner has over 40 years of strategic planning and service review experience in a wide scope of organizations.

Because of his experience in evaluation of current conditions and in the development of clear Strategic Plans, Chief Graner was selected to be the fire chief of three fire departments in 2 states. He utilized his skills to evaluate current services and to develop and implement Strategic Plans that improved efficiency effectiveness and safety in each of those communities.

As a long time Peer Assessor & Team Leader for the Center for Public Safety Excellence - Commission on Fire Accreditation International he has reviewed and validated the Strategic Plans of many fire departments and each of the many factors required by CFAI for Accreditation.  

Each project is personally conducted by Chief Graner

Please contact us at

Ron Graner 

19 Gazebo Path 

Fayetteville NY 13066 

Phone 770 630 0104