RFG Fire Rescue Consulting
Fire Rescue EMS Consulting for more Effective, Efficient & Safer Emergency Services that match the needs of the Community & Their Emergency Services

 Efficiency, Effectiveness & Safety Reviews

Planning Consultants

Specializing in Community Driven & Emergency Service Provider based service delivery Reviews & Planning for local governments and Public Safety agencies.
Fire Rescue Departments, Emergency Medical Services, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications and Community ISO fire protection classification reviews & community driven servic improvement planning. 



Safer Communities

Improved Safety for Emergency Responders

Improved Emergency Service Delivery 

More Effective Emergency Services

 More Efficient Emergency Services

In-depth Reviews of 

Community needs

Taxpayer Expectations

Fiscal Resources

Operational Service Demands

Operational & Managerial Capabilities 

Current Staffing

Community ISO fire protection classifications

Long Range Strategic & Operational Tactical Planning

For & WITH 

Your Local Private Citizens 

Fire & Rescue Department Leaders & Members 

Emergency Medical Services Leaders & Members

9-1-1 Emergency Communications Leaders & Members 


Public Safety Agencies

Elected &Appointed Local Officials



 RFG Fire Rescue Consulting
Ron Graner, Principal

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Offices in New York State & Georgia